//The Best Produce to Buy this Fall, a BIG Sale + Give Back Donations

The Best Produce to Buy this Fall, a BIG Sale + Give Back Donations

Holiday months, here we come! Welcome to the November Powerhouse Pilates newsletter, featuring the latest studio news, great health tips (even around Thanksgiving time) and more.   

The Best Produce to Eat (and Drink) This Fall

When you buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, you enjoy produce at their prime flavor. Here is what to look your for at your local stores and farmer’s markets:

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  • Apples : Great for
    • A healthy snack
    • Juicing + in smoothies
    • Apple pie (Had to throw in one dessert…)
  • Beets : Perfect for
    • Salads
    • Juicing + in smoothies
    • Roasted with other veggies and root vegetables (Like cauliflower and sweet potatoes.)
  • Brussel sprouts : Prime when
    • Steamed, they are great to add to pasta.
    • Roasted (Toss with olive oil, salt & pepper first.)
  • Winter squash, like butternut squash, for
    • Hearty, warm soup
    • Sauce, perfect for pasta.
  • Persimmons : Delicious for
    • A healthy treat. (Freeze overripe persimmon for at least 8 hours. Then, simply grab a spoon. Tuck in. It’s like custard!)
    • Salads, adding a little sweet to the mix.

So many veggies and fruit, so little time!

The UN-Turkey Turn Up Class on Thanksgiving Day

Start Thanksgiving morning with an awesome, calorie-burning workout.

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Why? So you can tuck into pumpkin pie with guilt-free glee.

This will be a 90 minute circuit style class taught by the fabulous, fierce Vanessa.

Time : Starts at 8:30 AM
Cost : $22

How to Sign up for Our Best Pilates Deal

We want you to get the most out of pilates. Physically. Mentally. And, yes, fiscally!

That’s why we’re highlighting the best pilates package available (Dun dun dunnnnn):

The Monthly Unlimited

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Relish ALL the pilates your heart desires for only $139 a month. Yep, that’s not even $5 a day.

Signing up is simple. This is how to register for monthly unlimited:

  1. Go to Powerhouse Pilates’ Mind Body Online
  2. Select the Online Store
  3. Choose option for Auto Renew
  4. Click on the drop down menu and Select Monthly Unlimited
    (It can be found at this link : Monthly Unlimited – Contract Auto Renew option)
  5. Select the date you’d like your auto renew to start
  6. Sign the contract. (Well, e-sign it.)
  7. Make your purchase online – and you’re done!

Your next task: Enjoy all the pilates you want.
**To confirm: Please do be aware that there will still be a charge for late cancels and no shows.

  • $11 for late cancellations (12 hours prior to class time)
  • $15 for all no shows (Alas, no exceptions lovelies!)

Let’s be real though; if you continue to cancel 12+ hours before and/or show up, there’s no extra fees. (Plus, signing up before is a great way to stay accountable for your pilates time.)

After all, how many times have you done a pilates class and thought, “Oh no, I wish I hadn’t taken that hour to strengthen my body, energize and boost my mood?”


Thanksgiving Sale on Classes and Merchandise

Get excited: A sale is approaching.

During Thanksgiving time, there’s going to be great discounts on classes and some of our merchandise.

Keep ears open for an update and/or ask your local, neighborhood pilates team about sales during the holiday week!

Donation Bins at Powerhouse: Give Back

Thanksgiving = Thanks Giving = Giving of Thanks

We are so excited to give thanks at Powerhouse this season.

We will be giving back through Food Donations bins at the studio.

You’re invited to bring non-perishable boxed or canned food and deposit them in our Food Donation bins. They will be going to members of our community in need.

Be Aware of 15 Minute Parking

Be aware amigos; there are 15 minute parking spots near the studio. Avoid them!
We want you to emerge from your 60 minute class with a great mood – not a parking ticket.

Just remember to check the curb; make sure it’s not green or marked 15 minutes. Sound good, beautiful souls?

Powerhouse Students Get to Try New Chill N Out Innovation for Just $10

Chill N Out is offering Powerhouse Pilates students an incredible opportunity. The owner is receiving a new cryotherapy machine: The first of its type in ALL of San Diego. It’s going to be at the Sports Arena location.

You, Powerhouse students, can try the new machine for the first time for just $10.
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Perhaps you’re asking, wait – what is Cryotherapy?
Cryotherapy has become popular with a variety of celebrities and influencers around the globe, from Tony Robbins to Mandy Moore.Here’s why – and what cryotherapy is.

It happens in a cryosauna. The purpose is to help heal and strengthen the body. It has similar effects as an ice bath would, except (thankfully!) cryotherapy is WAY more comfortable. In the process, your blood becomes intensely enriched then, after the session, that healthy blood is pulled back through the body in order to target injuries and critical areas. This process also triggers the release of anti-inflammatory molecules and endorphins.

This new machine is fully electric and walk in, which is different experience compared to the other version that uses nitrogen and one’s head sticks out the top! It’s an even more advanced way to enjoy the amazing benefits of cryotherapy!

Learn more and register for your appointment at Chill N Out Cryotherapy.

P.S. To confirm, the PB location is closed until further notice. This machine is at Sports Arena!

Social Media in November

Want to post pics at the Un-Turkey Turn Up class? Or gathering non-perishables for the Donation Bins?

When you do – remember to:

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