//June Exercise Spotlight, Health Tips, Instagram-Worthy Apparel, and More

June Exercise Spotlight, Health Tips, Instagram-Worthy Apparel, and More

Health Tip of the Month: The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Did you know there’s more to coconuts than being worn as bras at luaus?

Yes, coconuts go great with a grass skirt, but the coconut oil within has even more to offer. For example, it:

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  • Is Anti-Aging – Coconut oil slows down aging both internally and externally. By digesting it, it reducing stress on the liver and may also support detoxing. When applied directly to the skin, coconut oil adds moisturizes and smooths skin.
  • Heals Hair – Coconut oil can help in healing hair damage, making your locks look like a Pantene shampoo commercial.
  • Helps Lose Weight – Coconut oil is primarily composed of healthy fats, known as medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). No need to get scared at the F word (fat, that is). MCFAs are not readily stored as fat and are easy to digest. These helps to:
    • Increase metabolism
    • Reduce hunger (meaning less calories consumed from 100 Grand chocolate bars later in the day!)
  • Protect Skin from Sun Damage – Coconut oil can even act as a sunscreen, blocking some of the sun’s UV rays to keep your skin healthy and smooth longer.
  • Clean Teeth & Prevent Decay – Oil pulling with coconut oil has been shown to whiten teet hadn cleanse the mouth, getting rid of harmful bacteria that cause cavities, gum problems and tooth decay. So…goodbye Listerine?

Get a Grip (with Socks, That is)

We don’t want you to pull a banana peel moment and slip mid-workout. It’s one of the reasons all classes at Powerhouse Pilates now require grip socks, so please don’t forget to bring yours!

(They are also available for purchase at the studio.)

Exercise Spotlight of the Month: The Hundred

There are incredible benefits to the Hundred, the exercise that is – not the 100 Grand Bar. (Sadly, no nutrition in that candy.) Predominantly considered a warm up exercise, it offers amazing benefits and perks for your body.

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Top benefits include that it:

  • Creates abdominal strength, challenging your abs.
  • Develops trunk and pelvic stabilization.
  • Challenges the breath with movement.
  • Increases thoracic flexibility.
  • Strengthens hip flexors.
  • Helps to get to get the blood circulating through your body and will surely get you feeling toasty!

How to Do the Hundred:

  • Start by lying on your back with your legs in tabletop. Engage your deep abs to round your lower spine into the floor. (Make sure you are not “pooching” your abs. To help, think of keeping your belly button to your spine!)
  • Exhale and lift your head neck and shoulders off the mat until the bottom tips of your shoulder blades are just off of it. Then, reach your arms toward your feet. (Your arms will be about two inches off the mat.)
  • Pump your arms up and down with a small range of motion with control, like a fist pump…only different. (Keep your elbows straight!) Inhale for five arm pumps and exhale for five pumps.
  • Congratulations, you’ve just completed one set. Virtual high five, you beast you!
  • Repeat nine more times for a total of 100 pumps.

Tips for a Highly Effective Hundred:

  • Maintain your upper body position with strength by holding your pose. Don’t make like a seesaw – no rocking back and forth! The goal is to have your abs work to stabilize your torso against the pumping action of your arms.
  • Keep space between your chin and your chest. To help, imagine you are holding a golf ball with your chin. (Or, hey, if you fancy the argyle appropriate sport yourself, feel free to use a real golf ball…)
  • Keep your low spine on the mat by keeping your deep abs, like the all the latest Hollywood celebrities, engaged.
  • As you become stronger, challenge your abs by lowering your legs toward the mat. Only lower your legs as long if you can maintain the connection of your spine to the mat and your deep abs. Work towards lowering your legs down to a 45 degree angle.

To summarize, if you want a 6 pack that’ll make the average set of Corona bottles jealous, the Hundred is an amazing workout.

New Instagram-Worthy Apparel

Next time you come in, make sure to check out the fab NEW TEEKI and SPIRITUAL GANGSTER merchandise. Wearing these items will make you want to pose on a cliff and post it on Insta. #truestory

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