//4th of July Sale, Contest, News, and Tips!

4th of July Sale, Contest, News, and Tips!

To celebrate the independence of America – and our right to do pilates in red, white & blue outfits (and, well, any other color outfits!) – we are hosting a July Fourth Fierce Fitness Sale, encouraging you to go forth with fitness during these lovely summer months.

If purchased between July 2 and 4, you’ll receive:

  • 5 classes: $65
  • 10 classes: $120
  • 20 classes: $230

Please note: All classes have a 90 expiration date after first use.

Also, to honor the Independence Day parades and fierce fireworks of July 4th, we will be CLOSED ON July 4th. We suggest taking a break from your hard work & pilates and, hey, perhaps tucking into some juicy watermelon instead!

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Health Tip of the Month: Benefits of a Diet with Watermelon

Yes, pictures of sliced watermelon look fantastic on Instagram. In other good news, this fruit, perfect for the beach and backyard BBQs, is also very healthy for you. That’s because watermelon:

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  • Improves Your Skin, Immunity & Sleep Quality – Watermelon is very alkaline-forming for the body, which essentially means it helps your body achieve the right pH and be – like a good ballerina – balanced. With modern diets, most of us have bodies that are too acidic. When we achieve better balance, we experience a wide variety of critical health benefits, such as improved quality of skin, stronger nails, higher energy levels, increased oral health, better digestion and much more!
  • Helps Muscle & Nerve Function – The high levels of potassium in watermelon are ideal for helping muscles function, keeping nerves stay top notch and lowering inflammation- which, if inflamed, can contribute to conditions like asthma and diabetes.
  • Is Mega Hydrating – Watermelon offers what a great hair conditioner ad promises, hydration. As it is 92% water, this melon is a great way to take in water in addition to sipping water from your favorite bottle.
  • Is a Certified Heart Healthy Food – Thank you to the American Heart Association, for confirming our love (and perhaps, sometimes, overindulging?) of watermelon!
  • Is a Super Antioxidant – Watermelon is loaded with even more lycopene than tomatoes; this is important because lycopene stops free radicals from damaging cells and lowering your immune system. Basically, it’s a Superman for saving you from getting sick.

July Contest: Raffle & Prizes

We already love attending pilates class for the physical and mental benefits. Now, in addition, you will get a raffle ticket to every time you come to class in July.

Then, we will have a drawing each week with prizes! Yes, just for coming to treat yourself right, you’ll also get the chance to win awesome prizes, like:

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  • Gift certificate to a local coffee shop
  • Gift certificate to a local juice bar
  • Fun and sassy grip socks (Toe Sox)
  • A Powerhouse Pilates shirt
  • Wicked cool water bottles
  • A free Pilates class

Each week there will be 5 WINNERS; that’s a lot of opportunity right there, definitely a lot more than your standard lottery!

Exercise Spotlight of the Month: Pilates Breath
Aka How Do I Breathe in Pilates Class??

We all know it’s important to breathe, that the whole Oxygen in and Carbon Dioxide out is a main factor keeping us alive. However, in the middle of pilates class, it can feel difficult to breathe properly when we are trying to (let’s be real) hold a really difficult pose.

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However, breathing truly does help. That’s because, in Pilates, all movements are accompanied by a breathe pattern. Here’s the the best way to remember it:Exhale During Spinal Flexion

Exhale when your spine flexes.

Think of rounding forward (using supine arms, with chest lift forward flexion ) and exhaling, which helps engage your abdominal muscles.
When you need a strong abdominal contraction, think of wanting to blow all the air out of your lungs to make room for that contraction. Get rid of all that air as you draw your abdominals deep into your spine (Bellybutton to spine).

Inhale During Spinal Extension

There’s one basic rule for inhalation in Pilates: Inhale when you’re extending your spine.

Each time you inhale air in, expanding your chest, it helps to lengthen the spine. When you inhale breathe in through the nose, filling up your lungs laterally to the right, to the left and to the back, you can feel how your ribs expand.

When it come down to it though, don’t overthink it. if all else fails, JUST BREATHE! The last thing one should ever do is hold their breath.

Remember This: It is not only critical to utilize pilates breath in your one-hour class sessions. In daily life, it is so important to take time during the day to breathe.
Coffee spills on your favorite shirt? Take a moment and breathe.

You receive an email that makes you want to tear your hair out? Sit back. Think: Air in, air out.

After a few long deep breaths, it’s amazing how much calmer and different your frame of mind can be.

Want to Get Social?

As always, we invite you to get bold – like your favorite neon workout item – and share pictures showcasing your pilates lifestyle. Maybe it’s rocking pants that hadn’t fit in a while or grabbing a protein shake after a fantastic workout.

For those pilates perfect posts…Remember to make like a kindergartener at recess and TAG us!

Next time you come in to your next class, make sure to check out the fab NEW TEEKI and SPIRITUAL GANGSTER merchandise. Wearing these items will make you want to pose on a cliff and post it on Insta. #truestory

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